About Vrona Photography

Vrona Photography is a husband-and-wife photography team from Nesconset, New York, specializing in portraits, family sessions, special events and more.  While photography is a passion of ours, it's a part-time gig for us, so we do a lot of work for friends, family and work acquaintances.  Please feel free to call us, book us and tell all your friends about us!

Nick has been working in the photography field for over 15 years, working as a marketing specialist for Sigma Corporation in Ronkonkoma, NY.  You can find Nick on YouTube narrating and hosting all sorts of photography-related videos, as well as an educational podcast called Camera Academy.  When it comes to Vrona Photography, Nick does the shooting and editing, and typically carries heavy things during sessions.

Sharon is a newcomer behind the camera, but her eye for the perfect pose or the ideal setting goes back a long way!  Sharon keeps things organized around here and watches our budget, and she's straight up the face of our team.  Plus, she's a great assistant on shoots and in the editing room!

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